Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blog Post No. 2012-2: Catching up on form-based coding here in balmy NE

As crazy as the last couple of months of the year were, it's no excuse to be a month into 2012 and still be catching up...but such is life. I'm frankly despairing at this point of making much of the NE FBC Tracker. So, I'll post briefly here about FBCs here in bizarrely balmy NE. The editors of The Urban Lawyer, the quarterly journal of the American Bar Association's State and Local Governmental Section, saw fit to publish an article I wrote on the current crop of New England's form-based codes last fall. You can find it here: Gaining Ground in the Final Frontier: Surveying Legal Issues Raised by New England's Form-Based Codes. Comments, as always, are welcome.

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