Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog Post No. 2011-4: CNU NEW ENGLAND, INC. NOTICE and AGENDA for 2011 Members Meeting

Notice of Meeting:


Pursuant to Article III, Section 7 of the By-Laws of CNU New England, all Members in good standing of CNU New England are hereby given notice that the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Members of CNU New England shall take place as follows:

DATE: March 17, 2011
TIME: 5:30 pm
LOCATION: Bar, 254 Crown Street, New Haven, CT

Draft Agenda:

Agenda for 2011 Annual Meeting of Members

I. Attendance and Quorum Check
II. Call to Order
III. Presentation of Annual Financial Report
IV. Annual Report for 2010 and Outlook for 2011
V. Election of Directors and Officers

NOTE: The Board of Directors is comprised of twenty-seven (27) individual Members, each serving staggered three (3)-year terms (except for the Student Member, who serves for a one (1)-year term) including those Directors holding the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Clerk as well as twenty-three (23) At-Large Directors, drawn from the membership generally, but including at least one (1) member from each of the region’s states.
The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors nominates the following slate of candidates for the open positions of members of the Board of Directors and Officers of CNU/NE:

Proposed Slate for Open Board PositionsNo./Name/Term Length (expires in)

1 Dean Amadon* 2 years (2013)
2 Robin Bergstrom* 3 years (2014)
3 Rick Chellman* 2 years (2013)
4 Bill Dennis* 3 years (2014)
5 Beth Della Valle* 2 years (2013)
6 David Dixon* 3 years (2014)
7 Jonathan Ford* 2 years (2013)
8 Norman Garrick 3 years (2014)
9 Lucy Gibson* 3 years (2014)
10 Philip Langdon 2 years (2013)
11 Matt Lawlor* 2 years (2013)
12 Ben Morton* 3 years (2014)
13 Patrick Pinnell* 3 years (2014)
14 Donald Powers* 2 years (2013)
15 Marian Pressley* 3 years (2014)
16 Keith Rand 1 year (2012) (Student Director)
17 Kathryn Schulte* 3 years (2014)
18 Stephanie Zurek* 2 years (2013)
* - Continuing member.

Proposed Slate of Officers


President/Russell Preston
Vice President/Stephanie Zurek
Treasurer/Matt Lawlor
Clerk/Robin Bergstrom

Officers hold their positions for one (1) year, until the next Annual Meeting of the Members.

VI. Other Business
VII. Adjournment

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